Questions with Answers


What is the cost of your services?

Did you know the only item you pay to us is your Credit Report fee?  That's right!  Our compensation comes directly from the lender at no additional cost to you!  

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval

A Pre-Qualification can be provided after reviewing your financial documentation, whereas a Pre-Approval can only be provided once we have "pulled" your credit (in addition to reviewing financial documentation).  You will want a Pre-Approval letter to show sellers your offer is strong.

Documentation includes, but are not limited to:

  • Drivers License
  • 30 days worth of pay stubs
  • 2 months of most recent bank statements
  • Previous 2 years filed tax returns  
  • Current mortgage statement (Refi or 2nd purchase only)
  • Current Home Owner's Insurance (Refi or 2nd purchase only)

How do I get my documents to you?

We utilize "Vector Choice File" software which is a simple email invite to a secure folder where you can upload your sensitive information for our review; we can also use this folder to provide you with documents as well, such as your appraisal report.

Online Application vs. Calling in

 Both methods are painless and easy. 


Applying online allows you the flexibility of "24 hour" access, pausing if you need to gather information or to get back to your busy schedule.

A phone call allows you to provide explanation to more "complicated" situations or to ask additional specific questions.

Either way, we look forward to providing continued communication in any and all methods; email, text, and phone call!

Didn't see your question?

Please feel free to contact us and ask!  We can add it to this page to help future answer-seekers!